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In crabbing, like many other activities where you harvest from nature, the unpleasant and often time consuming work starts after the catch.  How your bounty is processed is a very important part in ensuring a tasty feast. Teal Crab was founded by two friends that love to crab and fish. We love the hunt but not necessarily the preparation of the catch. In an effort to keep the joy in crabbing, we developed a quick and easy process to clean crab.

Why call the company TEAL Crab?

Tony Eugene Alison Lena

T is for Tony.

Born and raised in Oregon, Tony grew up commercial fishing for salmon out of Depoe Bay.  A diploma and a job offer from Hughes Aircraft lured Tony to Southern California where fishing became a primary recreational activity.  After moving back to Oregon from San Diego, Tony and Eugene have spent many hours fishing and crabbing along the Oregon coast.

E is for Eugene.

 A Design Engineer by trade (retired).  A military brat, moved to Oregon at the age of 13 and fell in love with Oregon.  Loves fishing, archery hunting, hiking, and just about anything outdoors.  Keeps telling Tony “I am not looking for a JOB, just something to support my fishing habit”.

A is for Alison.

Tony and Alison met in Southern California and actually fished on their honeymoon.  Although Alison enjoys fishing, she likes the weather to be warm and sunny while doing it.

L is for Lena.

Born and raised in the Willamette Valley of Oregon.  Eugene’s better half since 1978 who loves the outdoors as much as Eugene.  Loves doing Arts and Crafts with the grand kids and admits she has a “very bad” quilting habit.

“I literally love this thing! Cuts cooking time down, the clean up is SOOO much faster, and the fact that it has a measurer built in is just icing! Going to keep one on boat and one at home!”



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