Crabbing Information

Crack’n Crab Cleaner is a product that came about due to necessity. After spending years crabbing on the Oregon coast and boiling or crab before we clean them We decided to make a change. Last year the State of Oregon agricultural department recommended cleaning our crabs before we cook them because domoic acid could leach into the cooking liquid and cause potential health issues. We decided it was time to clean our crabs before we cook them. For any of you who have attempted to clean a live crab without getting nipped you know the dilemma that we faced. We tried many different methods but none worked quickly, easily or safely until we tried the “Crack’n Crab” method. The Crack’n Crab Cleaner Is a result of much trial-and-error. No longer did we need to struggle to control the crab. We could now kill and clean the crab in 3 easy steps without the risk of being pinched.

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