Dungeness Crack’n Crab Cleaner

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Dungeness Crack’n Crab Cleaner & Gauge


The Dungeness Crack’n Crab Cleaner Is a system designed to clean live Dungeness crab Quickly and Easily! It can be also be used to measure your Dungeness crab for legal size. Measures 5 ¾”, 6”, 6 ¼” and 6 ½” at outside edge. It will make cleaning live Dungeness crab easier than you ever thought possible. It also works on already cooked Dungeness crab.

30 reviews for Dungeness Crack’n Crab Cleaner

  1. Jerry Bailey

    Excellent quality portable tool, nice and compact for easy storage in your boat or with your crabbing gear. Used only once but I am thourghly satisfied.

  2. Garrett Krupp (verified owner)

    This is a great product!! Works exactly like it’s shown! Highly recommend

  3. Tina (verified owner)

    We used our Crack’in Crab tool last night for the first time. Not only was it easy to use (we use to rip the backs off and hose the crabs out prior to cooking), the crabs were cleaner and the clean up was way faster.
    The ODFW recommends all crab be eviscerated (gutted) prior to cooking as it minimizes the demonic acid in the meat; the consumption of crab viscera is not recommended…this tool is your go to!
    We love this tool and recommend it to all crabbers.

  4. Rachel Hulse Rose (verified owner)

    Wow! What a great tool. So easy to use and so quick and efficient. And what great customer service! Thank you!

  5. Daniel Ruegemer (verified owner)

    Tried it first time yesterday on our catch of 8 rock crabs. Worked great. I also think the meat tastes and looks cleaner this way. Great tool.

  6. Jon Elliott

    This tool makes cleaning crab super easy. It’s high quality and very sturdy, it will last for years. Customer service is also top notch. Very happy

  7. John Albrecht

    Just cleaned 14 crab in 5 minutes. That was the easiest way to clean crab . Thank you Teal Crab.

  8. Lewis doyle

    I’ve had this tool for about 6 months. Best 25$ I’ve spent on fishing gear in a long time. Cleaned 12 crab easily and the steamed for 19 minutes. Perfect. I’ve cracked shells by hand, yanked off on spike, boiled whole etc. This tool is the bomb. Steaming is best way to cook crab. Combo is superb.

  9. Mark

    Im impressed with mine.. makes cleaning crab fast and easy. Thanks for such a great product

  10. Ken Cameron

    Everything that has been said in previous reviews are true. It is a big time saver, works so well can’t believe it. I worried about only cooking the legs with the meat exposed but I boiled them 8 min. and they were perfect. You have to put this in you fishing gear.

  11. Oscar Barrios

    I used 2 of these on my boat this crab season and they leave much less mess than my previous crabatine. The entrails are contained well in the intact top shell. Buying more for Xmas presents. Each person can easily clean their own limits while I clean fish or my boat.

  12. MICHAEL MAYNARD (verified owner)

    I love this product! For years all i ever did to cook crab was throw them in boiling water and deal with a disgusting mess afterwards. This product allows you to process and clean your crab in less then 30 seconds per crab. Then you can put them on ice until you are ready to cook them. They take up less cooler space and no need for a huge pot to boil them in. This is litterly as easy as they say and works as advertised, it will take a few crab to get the hang of it but once you do it will make you a believer!!

  13. Dawn (verified owner)

    Bought this for a gift. He was pleasantly surprised when opening and was excited after using Crack’n Crab for the first time. It’s small, but mighty. He used to split his crab on a sharp edge of the boat, but now says Crack’n Crab the best way to clean crab. He raves that it’s the quickest and easiest way to clean crab – each crab is literally done in seconds. He is very fussy about what gear takes up space on his boat, but this is a welcome addition. It’s easy to learn and easy to use – exactly as the videos and ads show.

  14. Doug McArthur

    Used this to check and clean our Dungeness Crab for the 2019 opener in Pacifica , California. We have never been able to check, clean and process Crab as fast as we could with this tool. We we able to film a great video of our trip and using the tool to make our trip a success We will be ordering more for the rest of our crew. You can check out the video here also… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZEC_CenAto&t=123s

  15. Kevin Grindy (verified owner)

    These will make a great Christmas gift for any crabber. Well made and great design for storage. Definitely makes cleaning crab so much easier! We have cleaned 100’s of Dungeness with them and they are still going strong.

  16. Keith long

    Such a great product been using this for two years now it’s a game changer takes a fraction of the time just last weekend 36 crab cleaned in less than 20 minutes cleaned hundreds over the last 2 years and still performed flawlessly great job guys

  17. Mark

    We have been crabbing 25 years or more and after cleaning the 1st crab using the Dungeness Crab tool were convinced we had been cleaning and cooking crabs all wrong. So much easier, cleaner, faster – I’ll only use the Teal tool and steam crabs after this!

  18. William W

    Excellent response to email inquiry!!!

    My wife has been cleaning crabs for years using a shovel stuck blade up in the sand … When she saw these she “had to have one “… We travel constantly and had reached out to teal crab to inquire about ordering 3 for gifts and picking them up… Because we were worried they would not arrive in the very short window time we had before we took off for the holidays. Several emails back and forth discussing details. Several days later, I placed the order on the website, within moments I received an email saying “I just saw your order come in and will be personally handling the order” I’ve never had such a level of “white glove” service… I sorta wish I was picking them up personally now … So I can meet the shipping staff …

  19. Jon Ramos

    We have been using the Crack’n Crab Cleaner & Gauge for a full year now. Honestly deserves more than a Five Star rating! Makes a great, easy to read gauge. Slip it in the included base and you have the quickest, easiest way to clean crab imaginable. Not exactly sure what it’s like from a crabs’ point of view but I suspect it is a more humane ending than being dropped into boiling water. Also greatly reduces the amount of domoic acid in the end product by cleaning before cooking. We have cooked our cleaned crab by boiling, by steaming and in the insta-pot. Pre cleaned crab are fantastic no matter how you choose to cook them! If you don’t have a Crack’n Crab tool, you are working too hard. Save yourself some time, effort and mess!

  20. Erika Forsythe

    This has got to be the best tool in our boat! I can clean a pile of crabs in no time almost effortlessly. And I feel much better knowing that I’m boiling just the meat and not all the nasty stuff. Wicked cool!

  21. Jai Kim (verified owner)

    I just moved to the Oregon coast and started catching crab. I am so glad I found this tool as it makes cleaning so easy and fast. It literally allows you to clean a large crab in less than a minute very easily. I used to get poked and cut by the crab’s carapace but that never happens anymore. Clean-up is also much faster as juices don’t go spraying all over the place when cleaning the crab. I would highly recommend using this tool as it will save you alot of time and effort!

  22. Jeremy Templeton

    Great quality gauge with clearly indicated marks for the legal sizes of Dungeness crabs in California, Oregon & Washington. Even works well enough on blue crabs! Saves alot of time since you’ll likely be checking dozens of crabs (with lots of throwbacks) and this will safe you some valuable time. Just make sure you know how to tell the difference between males & females (I learned from https://crabsman.com/how-to-identify-male-vs-female-blue-crabs/ but there are lots of different resources) and you’re good to go!

  23. Chuck Ferrell

    My wife bought me this at a sportsmans show last year after seeing it at a booth and watching a video. Was just out crabbing for the past week and it worked awsome! Super quick, clean, and easy. After seeing me clean a few crabs, my 10 year old daughter joined in and cleaned several herself. Great product! Simple, fast, and it works. Used it to clean Dungeness and red rock. Worth the price. 5 star review from me!

  24. chad omealy

    I ran into these 2 old boys at the sportsman show in Puyallup. I liked the look of the device but really enjoyed talking with these guys, made me miss my old man. Anyway, i bought this device and threw it in my boat. Last week i was in Ilwaco and we ended up with 45 keeper dungeness crabs. i cleaned all 45 crab in the boat in less than a half hour. the mess never made it back to my home in Chehalis WA. I did not have to boil and discard everything that comes from a haul like this. i could not have done it without this device, it worked amazing, thanks guys!

  25. Myka Duval

    Born and raised in Corvallis, but have lived in Georgia for 29 years and now moving back to my beloved Oregon to be close to family. Ordered the Crack’n Crab Cleaner for my husband who has been obsessed with researching fishing and crabbing in Oregon. The morning after ordering it I got a phone call from Teal Crab making sure that my dungeness order was intentional since we don’t have dungeness crab on the east coast, but rather blue crab (based on my shipping address). They wanted to make sure I hadn’t erroneously ordered the wrong crab cracker. Now THAT is stellar customer service. That speaks volumes to the integrity of the company and their uber cool Crack’n Crab. He loved it and can’t wait to use it on the beautiful Oregon coast. Thanks TEAL! You Rock!

  26. Johann Schneider (verified owner)

    Finally got to use mine. First time cleaning crab. I was the entertainment at the public cleaning station. It was so easy and fast. People were amazed and asking where to get one.

  27. Mo’s Seafood and Chowder family-Newport Oregon.

    We absolutely love our Crack N Crab 🦀. We’ve been using ours since 2017 both in our restaurant Mo’s and personally. We’ve given so many of them out as gifts. The tool is simple and easy to use.

  28. Smith Neely

    We like to cook our crab cleaned and after using the edge of a bucket for years I gave the crack’n crab cleaner a shot and will never use a bucket again. This system allows you to cleanly halve the crab without breaking the bottom shell all up like with the wider edge of the bucket. I’ll be using this from now on and gifting to friends and family. Thank you for making so simple and easy to use!!!

  29. garyo

    my wife got two crab cleaners about two weeks ago. we went crabbing labor day (yesterday) and brought home 36 blue crabs. the only part of crabbing i didn’t like was the cleaning. well these crab cleaners have completely changed my attitude toward cleaning. we put the crabs in ice cold water for 1/2 hour and then went to cleaning. it is so easy and thorough with this simple little tool. we watched the youtube video twice and before we knew the cooler of crabs was empty. thanks so much for a great tool.

  30. Mary willhite

    This thing is my new favorite crab gadget. I can cook so many more crab at once, and I don’t have to rip the shell off and gut them anymore. Almost everything stays with the shell when you smack them on the blade. And they’re much more space friendly when I want to store what I can’t eat the first night. Cleanup is easy, I just use it on a sheet pan and dump it when I’m done. It’s easy to clean. Easy to store. And I’m not eating gutwater anymore. Works fine for red rock too up here in puget sound. Just gotta give it a little extra smack. I thought it would be a silly purchase but I really do love it and recommend it to any rec crabber.

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